Interview with Oliver Reichenstein

Interview with Oliver Reichenstein

The founder and director of Information Architects, Oliver Reichenstein is a man with a vision. By putting together two different cultures, European and Japanese, he managed to create his own digital marketing signature that has quickly taken the world by storm, putting him and his company on the number one place in the design marketing world. His iA design agency has offices in Berlin, where the main base is, Zurich and Tokyo.

It was not before he moved to Tokyo that he realized that there was something more, that he could implement in his current methods and techniques in order to refresh things a bit and come up with something new that would be more appealing to the clients. It was that realization that made him what he is today, one of the most successful men in the world of marketing.

marketing consultancyThe usual trade of his agency is marketing consultancy and web design where they always represented a bit of an odd concept that made them look different from the others. When he decided to move on with app development, it was more than clear that usual trade concept needs to change. Out with the old and in with the new. Refined typography and sparse visuals is a perfect combination that allows enhancing focus on the message that you have to deliver.

User interface design and typography along with the visuals are the three main points of each digital marketing campaign. By combining the three, you are making sure that the campaign will be successful. Understanding what it takes for a successful digital marketing campaign is understanding how people and things work behind the words. It is a way how you interpret everything you encounter.

design and typography People decipher visual clues from a campaign to see beyond the words and understand its true meaning. To do this, you need to create something visual but with words. Something that will make the people see the words visually representing what they describe. The key to doing this is typography. Understand typography and you will understand what people actually really want and need.

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